Super Heavy Duty 6F22, 9V camelion


Super Heavy Duty 6F22, 9V camelion

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The positive active material in the Camelion Super Heavy Duty Battery is manganese dioxide, and the electrolyte is zinc chloride and ammonium chloride. This one-of-a-kind configuration is intended to increase the battery’s reliability and service life.

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Frame size: 9V
Dimensions (L x B x H mm): 26,2 x 17,2 x 48,3
Weight (g): 36,4
Electrochemical System: Zinc manganese dioxide/
Zinc/ammonium chloride
Nominal Capacity: 450mAh to 4,8V (20° ± 2° C rated capacity at 25mA continuous drain)
Nominal Voltage: 9V
Jacket: Metall


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