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    Fingerprint Reader UART

    Each person’s fingerprint is unique, just like DNA, you can use fingerprint to replace your key, or lock your computer with fingerprint. Adding fingerprint to your project makes it awesome, UART Fingerprint Reader is the new product we want to introduce you!
    UART Fingerprint Reader is a fingerprinting module which integrated STM32F205 as its processor, less power consumption, stable and powerful! It is an intelligent module that provides many functions like fingerprint recording, image processing, eigenvalue extraction, fingerprint matching and searching, etc.
    If you want to communicate with PC, CP2102 USB-TTL module is a good choice.

    Note: Just put finger on the window sightly when register your fingerprint, don’t press the window hardly.
    Note: The on-board mini USB port only used to update module’s firmware, don’t use this port to power module when module is in working mode!

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    Fingerprint Scanner – 5V TTL (GT-511C3)


    Fingerprint scanners are awesome. Why use a key when you have one right at the tip of your finger? Unfortunately, they’re usually unreliable or difficult to implement. Well not anymore! We’ve found this great fingerprint module from ADH-Tech that communicates over TTL Serial so you can easily embed it into your next project.
    The module itself does all of the heavy lifting behind reading and identifying the fingerprints with an on-board optical sensor and 32-bit CPU. All you need to do is send it simple commands. To get started, just register each fingerprint that you want to store by sending the corresponding command and pressing your finger against the reader three times. The fingerprint scanner can store different fingerprints and the database of prints can even be downloaded from the unit and distributed to other modules. As well as the fingerprint “template,” the analyzed version of the print, you can also retrieve the image of a fingerprint and even pull raw images from the optical sensor!
    This is the updated version of the GT-511 which has an increased memory capacity. The module can store up to 200 different fingerprints (that’s 10x more than the old version!) and is now capable of 360° recognition.
    The module is small and easy to mount using two mounting tabs on the side of the sensor. The on-board JST-SH connector has four signals: Vcc, GND, Tx, Rx. A compatible JST-SH pigtail can be found in the related items below. Demo software for PC is available in the documents below, simply connect the module to your computer using an FTDI Breakout and start the software to read fingerprints!
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    R305 fingerprint sensor

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    R305 fingerprint sensor

    This is R305 Optical Fingerprint Reader Sensor Module. R305 fingerprint module is fingerprint sensor with TTL UART interface for direct connections to microcontroller UART or to PC through MAX232 / USB-Serial adapter. The user can store the fingerprint data in the module and can configure it in 1:1 or 1: N mode for identifying the person.

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