Make Your Own Resistor

Make Your Own Resistor

Resistors are ubiquitous in electronics and arguably the first “real” electronic component we will be dealing with.


They are the little pill-shaped stripe-y things found on most circuit boards. Over the course of this lesson, we will learn the concept of resistors, how to make one for your own understanding are and why they are so colorful.

Things You Need

  • A pencil
  • A sheet of paper or envelope
  • Some paperclips
  • Multimeter
  • Jumper wires along with the crocodile clips (Optional)

Step I

Take an envelope and then rub a pencil back and forth to draw a wide band along this edge. Keep on rubbing the pencil to make a darker band.


Step II

Attach two paper clips on two ends of envelop. Set the multimeter on the 2000k Ohms Range. Touch both the probes of the multi meter on the paper clips by varying the position of one of the paper clips.

Step III

Check the reading on 5 different positions. If your resistor is not giving any reading, do add more graphite on the band by rubbing the pencil on envelop.

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